Our Story

Cole and Emma are the married couple that run Stone Fusion together. Cole runs the business full time while Emma is in the details of everything they do.

In 2020, a few months after Cole graduated college, he decided to forgo other job opportunities to pursue a dream of starting his very own home decor company. Now these two have one assistant and a whole team helping make Stone Fusion a household aesthetic.

Cole never intended for Stone Fusion to start the way that it did, but he found a way to share unique one of a kind decor that doesn't have to come with a heavy price tag. Two years later he is working to build a community, family and the coolest high end decor possible.

Together as a team Cole and Emma are constantly coming up with new designs and ideas to introduce to Stone Fusion to make it a stronger, better community. Instead of being a 1 time transaction between the client and the business, they hope to build a community of lifetime friendships.